What we offer in Daily Dog Walking

Every so often we’ll come across clients who ask us a little more than what we provide as a service. Now please understand, every dog walking/pet sitting business has it’s own policies and practices, and many run their business differently from others. That being said, here’s what we won’t do:

  • Time Stamping the daily Journal. We will not check in and check out with times walked and so forth. We give you a time frame that we will be there, gauranteed  between (10:30-3). We will render service and leave a note in a journal we provide. Should there be an emergency, we will contact you right away.
  • Texting after walk or phone calls.  As mentioned above, we provide a daily dog walking journal where service is documented accordingly. We will only text or call with an emergency situation.
  • Cleaning your home (taking out garbage, picking up, etc.). The only thing we will clean is any mess your pup or pups make before or during service, such as accidents or vomit. We’re not house keepers, we’re dog walkers.

Part Time Cat Sitter Position


We currently have a vacancy for a Part Time Cat Sitter position. Successful candidate will live in or near Niskayuna, Schenectady, Glenville or Rotterdam. Must have a valid drivers license and a reliable vehicle. shifts are mornings, some evenings and weekends. Candidate will be going on client consults and rendering cat sitting services. Candidate must be proficient with software programs and own a smart phone. Candidate must also have good customer service skills and experience with cats of all kinds. Would make great supplemental income. If interested, please apply online here: Cat Sitting Position

Sudsy Saturday for Make a Wish..

Please support our friends over at CaNine to Five by attending Susdsy Saturday. It’s a dog wash in the park to raise money for Make A Wish. Get details here: Sudsy Saturday. 

New services this year, including a Wedding Package

We’re very excited to announce a new service that we’re starting this year: Our first ever Wedding Package. We’ve had some requests for something like this, so this year we decided to go ahead with plans to put one together. We want to be clear though, this isn’t service at your actual wedding where we stay with the dog. It will include a drop off and pick up service if you plan for your pet to be a part of your wedding. We will also provide 3 full visits for the day, and dress your pet according to instructions prior to dropping them off at the wedding venue. If interested, please visit our wedding package page for more details, or of course contact us directly.

Holiday Pet Safety Tips

As happy as the Holiday season is for many of us, please keep in mind that certain decorations and other things can be harmful to pets. If you have cats, try keeping them away from pointsetta’s. They’re poison to most house cats and some small dogs. Also, secure that Christmas Tree. A good option would be SS Cat or another cat sensor you can place under your tree to deter the cat from climbing it or playing with ornaments.

We wish all of our clients a Happy Holiday Season, a very Merry Christmas and Happy New year.

Last Week for Backyard Clean-Up Service

Well, it’s fall and we’ve had a great summer. Just a reminder, it’s the last week for our seasonal Backyard Clean-Up Service. If you need some last minute poo pick up before the leaves fall and winter settles in, give us a call. Backyard Clean-Up service ends on Oct 1st. Clean-Up service will resume again next spring, starting April 1st.

Park Walks

Often we’ll walk dogs in Central Park, upon request. We try to make our park walks a little on the longer side (usually about 45 minutes) or so. There’s an extra 3 dollar charge for park walks, although sometimes we will walk dogs in the park for standard times if close by. Friday is usually the day for extended park walks, so please let us know if you’re interested.

The 4th of July and your Pet

Often we get asked about the 4th.  We’re  pretty busy this time of year, as it’s prime vacation season for many clients. Our biggest concern comes from pet parents who have dogs or cats afraid of fire works. Around this time of year, we pay extra close attention to let out and walking times. Because most dogs are so timid with all the celebrations going on, we tend to have let-out and walking schedules built around the festivities locally. On most 4th’s, we do our best to have all pets inside, secure and safe by nightfall, so usually we’re wrapping up all visits by about 8:30.

We also make sure there’s nothing dangerous around that dogs or cats can chew or do to themselves due to fear (although we do that anyway). Often pets will try to hide, run, or chew and knaw on things because their anxiety is so high. Calm quiet music in the backround can also help with this, such as classical or smooth jazz music. So weather you’re using us for your vacation service, or are staying home this year, make sure your pet is completely prepared.

Friday Group Walks

Having your dog a part of a walking group is a great way to socialize your pup. Group walks run every Friday for 1 hour over at Central Park (not the dog park). Please consider if you’re interested. We can only take up to 5 dogs for the day, so let us know sooner rather than later. For clients on daily dog walking packages, the group walk would be a separate charge, and not part of your regular service plan. Call or email us for more info.

Group Walks

We recently got a question about group walks, where the client wanted to know if we do Group Walks according to the size of the dog. That’s a great question. If you sign your dog up for our weekly group walks at the park, we do a consult with the dog to see if they would fit well with the current walking group. Generally this isn’t an issue, however, if a dog isn’t very socialized and tend to be shy, it could be an issue.

Most of the time though, shy dogs learn to adjust with the group. At first they may be timid, but they usually adjust withing 10 min or so. Also, we don’t take more than 5 dogs at a time, so if you’re interested, let us know as soon as possible for that week.