Professional Dog Walking

When searching for a Dog Walker, it’s important to know the basics of what that actually entails. Look for a reputable, professional company who has the experience. Look for a full time service, not someone doing dog walking on the side through a 3rd party app such as Rover or Wag!, etc. Most Professional Dog Walkers have the education, background and experience you’re looking for.

More and more, we’re hearing of these 3rd party apps having accidents and getting sued because of this “instant dog walking” movement. We’re certainly not telling you what to do, but if you went with a “Dog Walking” exclusive business, you have all of the support, scheduling and staff to be there incase of. Just something to consider. 

GPS Tracking now available!

We’ve added a new GPS Tracking service so you can see where your dog walked and where/when they peed/pooed.  Unlike on demand dog walking services through, you always have the same walker. 

The Dangers of Wag! and Dogvacay..Just Don’t. Go with your Local Dog Walking Service.

WAG! and Dogvacay…out of nowhere technology creeps up on our little professional industry and sends us all, once again, to the front lines of defense. If you’re one of the millions of pet owners out there considering firing up the WAG! or Dogvacay app and ordering a dog walker or pet sitter…STOP!!!! Please, for the love of all things furry, hear me out. Why, oh why on any plain of common sense would you allow a complete stranger, whom you’ve never met, to walk into your home and walk your dog? Most (if any) of these walkers are not insured, have little to no skill and are not properly trained at handling dogs. Secondly, you’re dealing with a corporation somewhere in Sillican Valley. A giant call center. Have an issue? Ahh, well…good luck. Talk to a Customer Service Rep in Ca who has no idea who you are or who the walker is, minus some info on the screen infront of them. 

Over the past few months, we’ve seen the headlines of these services: “Dog lost under WAG! , Dog hit by car under WAG! Walker never showed up under WAG! Pet Sitter robs home from Dogvacay”….on and on. Although WAG! and Dogvacy have similar service models, Dogvacay has “Hobby Sitters” (basically someone walking/pet sitting dogs & cats on the side uninsured) they split the price with. 

Instead, go with your local Dog Walking or Pet Sitting service who can give you  much more of a professional, personal experience. Most of us small Dog Walking / and or Pet Sitting services have been in business for years building clients and professional contacts, hiring and training staff and getting certified in Dog Walking, Pet CPR and other skills necessary. Our business and our walkers are insured through major insurance companies and we have back up and experience; all well trained. You meet us well before we begin service with your pet and you can reach us in case of emergency. Sounds like a no brainer, but the end of the day, if you’ve researched various services, and you still want a random stranger walking through your door, then ok. At least you’ve seen the pros and cons. 

Professionalism and Dog Walking: What it means to our Industry

If you Google : “Dog Walker” or “Dog Walking”, you’re bound to get a ton of different types of offers from giant conglomerates like or Dogvacay. These sites offer various random “hobby” dog walkers..(mostly people like college kids or random individuals who out of nowhere, decided they would walk dogs on a part time basis) often uninsured, often clueless about the in’s and outs of the profession. They take the approach to Pet Sitting. Offer a platform to anyone who wants to walk dogs or pet sit animals. 

Lost in the shuffle are the many small businesses who have devoted their time for years to just this; Dog Walking. Long before or any other giant corporation trying to gain a monopoly, there was us. The many small businesses who have studied, trained, worked and lived the very profession of Dog Walking. Some of us have trained in seminars and certificate programs. Some of us have entered into the field of Dog Training just to get better at what we do. All of us (for the most part) are insured. All of us have trained staff members on proper handling , customer service and other skills. In short, we’re the true Professional Dog Walkers of the industry. 

Now don’t misunderstand me. and the like have every right to exist and partake. This is a free market. Like anything else, as a consumer, you should do your homework on everything you consider. Just make sure you realize you’re getting a McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger as opposed to a steak.

Hiring a Professional Dog Walker

Hiring a Professional Dog Walker is not a hard task, it’s just a matter of sorting out who is really a “Professional”. What makes  a “Professional Dog Walker”? Well for starters, a full fledged, fully insured business to start. If a Dog Walking Service is a full time business with proper insurance, business licences and certifications, then it’s a professional service. Although still uncommon, some dog walkers have been through “Dog Walking Certification” programs, which makes them all the more desirable (although not necessary with experience). Also, most Professional Dog Walkers network with other Dog Walkers in the area and know each other. That’s always a key detail when searching for a professional service. If all or some of the criteria we mentioned fits, then go for it. Just to be on the safe side, we’ve compiled a list of things to avoid when searching for a Professional Dog Walking Service.

  • Avoid random Craig’s List Ads: You always want to be careful when searching Craig’s List. If the Dog Walker seems as if they’re just doing it on the side for money, or a person who just woke up one day and thought  they’d start walking dogs with little or no experience at it, don’t. Always ask if they’re insured and have a DBA or LLC
  • Avoid the kid next door: We get it, this can get expensive. However, using the neighborhood kid because you want to save money can be a bit risky. The kid might not be paying attention while walking and might end up in a bad situation.
  • Avoid family and friends: Of course we love our family and friends, but all too often we’ve seen well intentioned family/friends blow off the service for whatever reason. Go with a professional service.

Coverage Area’s for our Daily Dog Walking Program

A question we get asked most often is how come you don’t cover x? (city). The reason being, in order to give all dogs sufficient time and exercise, we have to keep a smaller territory in order to fit everyone in sufficiently. Our main area is Niskayuna, along with parts of Schenectady, Glenville and Rotterdam. The same applies for Pet Sitting (vacation service). All clients get in a good 25-30 min with us, so having shorter trips between sites is best for all.

Daily Dog Walking/Let Outs

Don’t let your pup sit home all day while you’re at work. Sign up for our Daily Dog Walking/Let Out service. Go to our Rates page for details.


Seasonal Poop Scoop/Backyard Clean-Up Service

Our seasonal Poop Scoop/Backyard Clean-Up Service begins April 1st. Please be sure to call for reservations and information. April is filling up quickly. Visit our rates page for pricing.


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We love our kitty clients. Often we get asked by new pet owners and potentials: “what exactly does a cat service offer?” The answer is pretty basic. We feed, and scoop litter, as well as play…that’s if we see them. Often times cats who aren’t too social will run off and hide. If we can coax them out to play, we try. If we can’t, we focus on making sure everything is safe within the environment and make sure food and water is in tact. We will also provide medical care within reason..pills and some meds that are simply administered.

Puppies, Puppies and more Puppies

We love puppies..who doesn’t? However, we do not offer a puppy service for multiple visits daily. We require your pup be fully potty trained and able to walk on a leash prior to beginning service with us. Some pups learn faster than others..some don’t learn until 1 or so. All depends on the training put in by the owner.

Don’t fret though, if you’re a new puppy owner and looking for assistance, we can help you find a service that does offer puppy visits. You can call us, email or visit our “Don’t see your service area” page to find other service providers we know well and network with.