The Dangers of Wag! and Dogvacay..Just Don’t. Go with your Local Dog Walking Service.

WAG! and Dogvacay…out of nowhere technology creeps up on our little professional industry and sends us all, once again, to the front lines of defense. If you’re one of the millions of pet owners out there considering firing up the WAG! or Dogvacay app and ordering a dog walker or pet sitter…STOP!!!! Please, for the love of all things furry, hear me out. Why, oh why on any plain of common sense would you allow a complete stranger, whom you’ve never met, to walk into your home and walk your dog? Most (if any) of these walkers are not insured, have little to no skill and are not properly trained at handling dogs. Secondly, you’re dealing with a corporation somewhere in Sillican Valley. A giant call center. Have an issue? Ahh, well…good luck. Talk to a Customer Service Rep in Ca who has no idea who you are or who the walker is, minus some info on the screen infront of them. 

Over the past few months, we’ve seen the headlines of these services: “Dog lost under WAG! , Dog hit by car under WAG! Walker never showed up under WAG! Pet Sitter robs home from Dogvacay”….on and on. Although WAG! and Dogvacy have similar service models, Dogvacay has “Hobby Sitters” (basically someone walking/pet sitting dogs & cats on the side uninsured) they split the price with. 

Instead, go with your local Dog Walking or Pet Sitting service who can give you  much more of a professional, personal experience. Most of us small Dog Walking / and or Pet Sitting services have been in business for years building clients and professional contacts, hiring and training staff and getting certified in Dog Walking, Pet CPR and other skills necessary. Our business and our walkers are insured through major insurance companies and we have back up and experience; all well trained. You meet us well before we begin service with your pet and you can reach us in case of emergency. Sounds like a no brainer, but the end of the day, if you’ve researched various services, and you still want a random stranger walking through your door, then ok. At least you’ve seen the pros and cons. 

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