Hiring a Professional Dog Walker

Hiring a Professional Dog Walker is not a hard task, it’s just a matter of sorting out who is really a “Professional”. What makes  a “Professional Dog Walker”? Well for starters, a full fledged, fully insured business to start. If a Dog Walking Service is a full time business with proper insurance, business licences and certifications, then it’s a professional service. Although still uncommon, some dog walkers have been through “Dog Walking Certification” programs, which makes them all the more desirable (although not necessary with experience). Also, most Professional Dog Walkers network with other Dog Walkers in the area and know each other. That’s always a key detail when searching for a professional service. If all or some of the criteria we mentioned fits, then go for it. Just to be on the safe side, we’ve compiled a list of things to avoid when searching for a Professional Dog Walking Service.

  • Avoid random Craig’s List Ads: You always want to be careful when searching Craig’s List. If the Dog Walker seems as if they’re just doing it on the side for money, or a person who just woke up one day and thought  they’d start walking dogs with little or no experience at it, don’t. Always ask if they’re insured and have a DBA or LLC
  • Avoid the kid next door: We get it, this can get expensive. However, using the neighborhood kid because you want to save money can be a bit risky. The kid might not be paying attention while walking and might end up in a bad situation.
  • Avoid family and friends: Of course we love our family and friends, but all too often we’ve seen well intentioned family/friends blow off the service for whatever reason. Go with a professional service.

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