New Client Profile and Service Agreement

  • For Daily Dog Walking Service, rates will be $20 per visit, Monday through Friday. Any Dog Walking Service less than 3 times a week will be billed $25 per visit. Service is billed at the beginning of the month and charged to clients debit or credit card. We do require a debit or credit card on file for active daily clients. We also require a full months notice, should client want to discontinue service. If a full month's notice is not given, we will charge you a full month of service from date of termination.
  • Please understand that PRF Pet Services will do our best to care for your pets and home while you're gone. PRF Pet Services cannot be held accountable for issues unknown to the walker/sitter such as undisclosed pet illness or injury, or other issues that were not brought to our attention. By electronically signing below, you acknowledge the validity of this online form, and the above disclaimer. You also acknowledge that you are letting us into your home to render pet services as appropriate. Please sign below by typing your name in the box provided. Thank you.