Daily Dog Walking/Let-Outs

Our Daily Dog Walking and Let-Out service runs Monday-Friday: 10am to 3pm. Every Walk and Let- Out goes from 20 to 30 minutes per visit and all daily clients get a dog walking journal as part of the service, where the walker leaves a brief description of time spent. Dog bags are also provided. We offer a regular evening service as well for those who work late. Regular evening service runs Monday- Friday: 5pm-7pm. Same rates apply. 

Cat & Dog Sitting

Our cat & dog sitting service is for vacations, business trips, day trips or if you work irregular hours and just want a companion for your pets. This service also applies to clients who just need a certain duration of time (a couple weeks to a month, given a certain situation).

Visits are from 20 to 30 minutes in length, and you may schedule as many visits as you see fit throughout the day and night. During our visit we will thoroughly scoop litter boxes, provide clean and fresh water and food bowls, feed, brush, administer medication if necessary and of course play and walk. We will also bring in mail and the paper, adjust lights blinds or curtains, and do a home inspection to make sure everything is alright.

All pet sitting services include a full detailed follow up checklist of the entire sit.

Backyard Clean-Up Service

Need a poop scoop? We offer Backyard clean-up on a per yard basis. Service is seasonal: April 1st- Oct 1st.  Please call for details and visit our Rates page for more information.