Professionalism and Dog Walking: What it means to our Industry

If you Google : “Dog Walker” or “Dog Walking”, you’re bound to get a ton of different types of offers from giant conglomerates like or Dogvacay. These sites offer various random “hobby” dog walkers..(mostly people like college kids or random individuals who out of nowhere, decided they would walk dogs on a part time basis) often uninsured, often clueless about the in’s and outs of the profession. They take the approach to Pet Sitting. Offer a platform to anyone who wants to walk dogs or pet sit animals. 

Lost in the shuffle are the many small businesses who have devoted their time for years to just this; Dog Walking. Long before or any other giant corporation trying to gain a monopoly, there was us. The many small businesses who have studied, trained, worked and lived the very profession of Dog Walking. Some of us have trained in seminars and certificate programs. Some of us have entered into the field of Dog Training just to get better at what we do. All of us (for the most part) are insured. All of us have trained staff members on proper handling , customer service and other skills. In short, we’re the true Professional Dog Walkers of the industry. 

Now don’t misunderstand me. and the like have every right to exist and partake. This is a free market. Like anything else, as a consumer, you should do your homework on everything you consider. Just make sure you realize you’re getting a McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger as opposed to a steak.

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